There’s the veteran runner who is up for anything, and the competitive runner that gets you to a breakthrough without saying a word. There’s the new runner whose own motivation encourages you. There are all kinds of runners, they overlap in their quests, and they all bring something to the community. The returning runner, someone who stepped away from the journey from awhile, and then picked it back up, makes my heart swell the most, because that was once me. Yesterday I got to go on a run around the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with my friend Annie, a tried and true runner-athlete who has all these attributes.

I met Annie at a get together summer of last. She overheard me talking about running, and approached me about the possibility of running together, since she was trying to get back into it after some time off. I was stoked at the time, my friends outside of work never ran with me, no matter how much I begged! New friend! New running buddy!

            Annie blew me away with her enthusiasm to get back into it, and her grit once she was there. She didn’t complain about the various ailments we all get when we get back into the sport. She was up for any kind of run I suggested trail runs, an impromptu half marathon, and a run to Union Station utilizing a sketchy route without sidewalks. She almost immediately earned race times that would make seasoned runners envious. I was lucky to have her positive energy by my side as we began the LA Marathon this year, her first, and my second. It was a great race for Annie, as she broke 4 hours in her first marathon ever, while I on the other hand, broke something else…my ankle.

Now you know who Annie is. I wanted to give her a shout out, first because she is the model of someone you want to train with, and up next she’ll have a starring role in the story of my first DNF (did not finish) as a saint that helped my sanity stay intact through the mess of getting injured in a marathon, and the following bummer of being benched from running for three months.

The above picture is from a trail run we did in fall of last year, where at the top there’s a sign in sheet. -link to map here: Sunset Peak Trail Run

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