I’m a Houstonian originally. I went to college at USC (Fight On!) and stayed in Southern California for over a decade after graduating, where I worked at various running retailers. Originally a cross-country and track athlete at the high-school level, I fell in love with trail running as a hobby in my mid-twenties, occasionally competing, but really just loving the opportunity to grab a few hours of peace, running in the mountains that rise from Los Angeles.

I  love traveling, and have married that to my craving to trail run in new places, having finished several running focused trips already. I hope to continue to travel the world, running new places and sharing my experiences. I look forward to the challenge of finding exciting places to run, reporting back on what fellow runner-travelers should check out, and looking for what others have to recommend to me!


I am a certified personal trainer, and a certified running coach 

As well as coaching general fitness in the gym (or wherever you can think of), I’m eager to help those hobby-runners out there that want to PR. I believe creating goals and working towards them is thrilling, dare I say necessary, to living a full life, but sometimes the options and information and can be overwhelming. So, as I’ve used trainers, coaches, and mentors throughout my life to light the path, I believe I’ve come into my own and can shine that light for others now!

If you live in the Greater Houston area, I am able to do mobile training. I am also set up to offer personal training online. Wherever you are in the world and in your fitness journey, I can create personalized workout and running plans based on individual goals and capabilities.. Don’t hesitate to reach out!


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