Engaging with Instagram brings all my insecurities into focus, but I’m preparing and planning a way to get on board with regular & planned instagram posts to see if I can’t reach some new runners who are looking for a coach like me. I’ve been meditating for over two months now. I checked a philosophy textbook out of the library and am crawling through that. I’m getting too much sun, but Saturdays are now a work-free zone, and I stay by the pool as much as weather permits. After a fairly successful training cycle, focusing on the 10k, I’m now I’m taking a break from high mileage to focus on and experiment with various modes of strength training and building all-around athleticism- and having A LOT of fun doing it. I cut all processed foods out of my diet and lost 10lbs in three weeks, but I don’t know if that was worth giving up cookies and pancakes.

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