Part of the Process

I went to a nearby trail today to do a short hike/run. I knew it was going to be more hiking than running, and I had accepted that. I had the ankle break earlier this year, and I have also begun practicing yoga almost daily. My ankle still doesn’t have full mobility, and because of the yoga I have more lengthened muscles. Months after the injury occurred, I’m feeling unsure on my legs, especially on trails, afraid that I will trip and hurt myself again. On the rocky, uneven terrain, I feel like Bambi learning to walk.


What I didn’t anticipate was the crazy pain that I felt in both legs below the knee, and both arches. It led to me proceeding as if I was performing a gym workout, with “sets” of minutes going up and recovery interspersed. It felt like hell, but I made myself go a mile and a half up and out before turning around and running down. Literally every muscle in my lower legs hurt, both front and back. I knew they were growing pains from staying away from trails for two months and kept at it.


When I got home and did a core workout and SMR work on everything that was hurting. I’ll probably throw in a stability-plyometrics workout later this week, mostly to build up confidence. These things will make me stronger on the trails, which is where I find the most joy running. At least today I got a taste of being out there and feeling adventurous.

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